The Rona Had Me Shook

Hey mentees! Welcome to my new site. I figured a lot of people enjoy my post on Instagram but a lot of people like to read as well. I am creating this blog space to write about things I am passionate about that may be to long winded for videos about things that mess with mental. As the end of quarantine is coming, I realized I SURVIVED a global pandemic. Wheww! I have learned some valuable life lessons about myself and also the world we live in. I've realized as a society, we all individually and as a community have things we need to focus on. Here's my take away from this pandemic:

1. We don't take mental health serious until a life altering experience occurs.

This is common in our world today. I understood that today's world is changing to be more mental health friendly but "being on lockdown" is similar to how someone's brain works with a mental health disorder. Their brain constantly is working against them making them feel like they can't function on a daily basis. Imagine your brain feeling like that and now being FORCED to stay in the house. I myself had to challenge my thinking because it's very easy to slip from stressful thoughts to anxious thoughts! It made me gain insight on the brain of some of my students I work with and helped me have more empathy for them. 2. We have a lot of maladaptive coping skills.

Maladaptive is a huge word but it basically stands for relieving stress temporarily but never addressing the root of that stress. This applies to many areas including shopping and laughter. I myself caught myself constantly looking on Amazon for something to buy knowing that I should have used this opportunity to save money.Think about it - How many times did you buy something on the internet during quarantine? Now did it solve the root of the stress you were facing? I can honestly answer and say no because I was still stuck in the house with all my plans cancelled. Same thing goes with laughter- as a African American, we often use jokes to cover up how we are really feeling. "The Rona, Ms.Rona , and so many other name for the virus had surfaced causing us to laugh but inside I know we were was stressed. I saw a meme that stated " I love how we said the pandemic was over and we ended it." Basically we ended it ourselves without proper precautions and now we are putting ourselves at greater risky going out. We miss outside so much that we would put ourselves at risk.

3. We have to cherish our family and friends more.

I've realized so many people have lost people during this pandemic. Grief is a HUGE cloud over our lives right now. We need to cherish our loved ones everyday we can. Shout out to all my people who are essential workers. Nurses, doctors, FedEX workers, Amazon workers, USPS workers, Mental Health Therapist and helping other peoplesLiterally, a light bulb went off in my head as I realized that life is so short and we have to love on the people we have now and embrace the time we have with one another!

4.We had to face ourselves.. What have you been avoiding?

I believe that this pandemic was bought about because a lot of people were dealing with stress. I believe it was God's joke of saying "You need to rest" but putting a twist on it by forcing us to do so! It gave us time to focus more on we may have taken advantage of . It gave us time to pick up on a business or practice we always wanted to do but didn't have time. Lastly, it made us spend more time with ourselves and become more aware of how we cope. A lot of has more time to think because our busy schedule doesn't allow us too. It allowed us to dig deep and become better for ourselves. 5. We have no control! We had no control over a pandemic hitting. Truthfully, I think better precautions could have been in place but we only had control over how we responded to the pandemic. The response was protecting ourselves from the virus including wearing a mask, washing our hands, and practice social distancing. Furthermore, not having control can make people feel like their life is this never ending ride you can't get off of. I encourage you to try and lose your control . Lose it in and tap into your creativity, your self care plan , and better yet lose it in those things you are passionate about. Control is the root of anxiety and we have to challenge it by showing it we are taking control of how we react to things!

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