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Cassidy Ferguson,M.S.

Cassidy Ferguson is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a Masters Degree in Community Psychology. She currently is a Masters Level Mental Health Therapist in Thomasville,GA. She currently works with children in a school based therapy program. Since she was little, she believed in helping other people. Whether, community service, scholarships and other community outreach programs, Cassidy is dedicated to educating people on mental health. She often is asked to speak at different Mental Health Programs including Beyond Survival: Helping Families Cope With Anxiety, Human Trafficking Symposium, Death is Not the Answer, and a handful of other events focused on educating parents and children. She also drops gems on "Mental Health Mondays" on her Instagram pages  She believes on using her platform to continue to encourage people to take care of their mental. Cassidy is also a Masters Certified Life Coach who focuses on helping people with grief, stress management, mentorship for kids and resiliency skills. She is available to do group education And offers that service through her group life coaching. 

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